About Us

The Right Stainless Steel Fabrication Brings You Better Quality
Custom Kitchen Fabricator (CKF) was founded in 1993, by Jimmy LeBeau, on three simple, yet powerful, principles: Quality Craftsmanship, Impeccable Customer Service and Timely Delivery. Almost 20 years and thousands of clients later, these three principles are still applied and delivered with each and every product to every one of our clients.

From international and global business chains, with hundreds and even thousands of locations, to individual home owners and even highly customized – intricate work – for taxidermists, our client list spans the entire spectrum, which means our capabilities are also just as expansive.

Custom Kitchen Fabricator builds both mass produced products as well as customized build to suit pieces, and our combined experience of more than 200 years means we also have the expertise and experience to help you come up with a design that will best serve your needs.

Even more compelling is the fact that our reputation for delivering top quality, superior stainless products, as well as the growth of our company, have both been built almost exclusively by word-of-mouth referrals from our clients. We know that the best way to earn a solid reputation is to exceed expectations on every front, which CKF does by keeping to the three key principles.

Custom Kitchen Fabricator’s 3 Key Principles

  • Quality Craftsmanship
    • CKF uses a higher grade of metal and building materials than most other companies.
    • Construction design is more robust (i.e. welded instead of bolted or screwed together, reinforced at stress points).
    • Close attention to even the smallest details.
    • Precision and accuracy for an exact fit every time.
  • Impeccable Customer Service
    • More than 200 years of combined experience to help you design, outfit or retrofit any space and meet any need while providing maximum efficiency, effectiveness and longevity.
    • Total accountability on all aspects associated with product, including accuracy of design, installation (if applicable), and proper function.
    • Prompt response on any and all matters.
  • Timely Delivery
    • Turnaround times that meet or exceed promised deadlines.
    • Rush order/Expedited order available

Recycle-ability and Green-ness
Stainless Steel is a recyclable material that does not degrade or lose any of its properties in the recycling process, making it a great green option. Stainless can be recycled at 100%. Some sinks are as much as 90% recycled material, but most commonly recycled stainless ranges between 65% – 80%.