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How Much Do You Know About Your Steel Fabrication Company?
Custom Kitchen Fabricator (CKF) is a precision manufacturer located in a small suburban community about 25 miles south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, which in-and-of-itself benefits our clients.  Access to such a large metropolitan and industrial area affords unique purchasing opportunities.  This is one reason Custom Kitchen Fabricator can routinely use higher grades of materials, than most competitors to build its products.  We also have the advantage of having bought and built its facility when the location was still a rural area, translating into lower overhead costs.  All of which means more of your money ends up in your product and not in the facility where it is built.

Since it was first established – over 20 years ago, by Jimmy LeBeau – CKF has been leveraging every opportunity possible; in-turn, fabricating some of the highest quality products in the industry.  Now it is one of the most reputable, longest lasting stainless steel fabrication companies around.

"One of the neatest things about having such a diversified client
list is that we never know what we will be asked to build!
We've done everything from stainless steel trash cans in elephant's
feet to fully customized commercial kitchens for cooking shows.
...and other times... it's just a whole bunch of the same sinks."
- Jimmy LeBeau

Over the last couple of decades, CKF’s client list has diversified and expanded incredibly.  Military bases, hospitals, churches, taxidermists, restaurants, cooking shows, statesmen, individual home owners, congressmen, schools, colleges & universities, contractors, RV dealers/outfitters, refrigeration companies…they’re all on the list.  And not just for stainless steel products either.  Black iron, cold-rolled steel, perforated/expanded metal, brass, copper and even designer metals are just a few of the other materials CKF can build/work with.